What the big names (might!) say about James:

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Mike Holmes: I've learned so much from James.
                   Shell Busey: a good kid, nothing a couple years in the army wouldn’t fix.
                                                                                   Bob Villa: You should be calling Steve Thomas now, leave me alone.  Steve Thomas: Bob’s an idiot, you should be calling Kevin O'Connor.  Kevin O’Conner: No wonder those other guys quit; go away. (FYI these are all past hosts of This Old House and this is supposed to be amusing, not factual).


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"Under budget and over met my expectations"

  James was able to give me a clear understanding of the scope of the project I was considering and he laid out the variables that would affect the cost.  We then could agree on a budget and a simple, straight forward method of dealing with any complications, unexpected problems or changes I decided on along the way. 


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"Ultimately gave us more than we expected"

Showed up when he said he would, worked diligently, cleaned up each night!  We've had some really uncomfortable experiences with contractors in the past but James was a welcome change. He always answered the phone when I called or got back to me quickly and was ready to explain how the job was progressing any time I had a question. 

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